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even if you feel like that's impossible and you've just settled with your current, basic routine.


you're getting ready for an event but all you feel is
anxiety and stress
You cannot whip up a beautiful makeup look on your own and it's making you feel anxious and stressed getting ready to head out.

You want to be equipped with the right skillset, know what products to use and what brushes to use so you CAN do it yourself. 

But, nothing has worked so far because you've never been able to find the time to attend a workshop.
You compare yourself to other ladies
Who are dressed up for an event and they look so glamorous!
You want to pay to get your makeup done for every event so you too can look and feel glamorous, but, that is costly to do every single time!

You don't have the time to dissect every Youtube tutorial, the money to keep paying for a Professional Makeup Artist for every event nor the knowledge to do it yourself!

It's a difficult time feeling that low self-esteem and looking at the other ladies who look so glamorous and wishing you too could look and feel that confident. I know because I used to feel this way, too.
But, you don't need to feel this way anymore....
I've discovered the framework to a flawless face through years of trial and error... 

And, it is NOT rocket science! I know that any woman can do this too....

Now, I am on a mission to equip other women with this easy-to-follow Framework to a Flawless Face.
I went on a journey
To discover the best way to learn how to apply flawless makeup
I first started looking at Youtube to teach me how to do my own makeup, flawlessly. I thought that if I just copied what they were doing, I could do it too. 

But, it was super frustrating coming up short every single time. They made it so confusing with the million different products being used and it looked so easy but it really wasn't!

I realised, that if I could just do a course where I get taught HOW to hold each brush, HOW to blend, WHAT products to use for ME, WHY I am doing each step and get educated - THEN online tutorials would make so much more sense once I already know what they're doing. 
6 years ago - 
Clueless at makeup!
4 years ago -
Gaining an understanding
Now! -
Award Winning, Professional MUA
Oh, the wonderful difference that proper makeup, makes!
Emily Osberger,
I am a Professional Makeup Artist, turned Educator. 
Once I discovered the Framework to a Flawless Face and realised that it's NOT rocket science, I went on a journey to share this with as many women as possible. 

So that you could all feel confident, look flawless and get excited for events without comparing yourself to others and feeling anxious before-hand!

I will hold you by the hand and show you exactly how to apply your makeup, flawlessly. Then, when you view Online Classes and Tutorials, it's all going to make so much sense to you! 
You just need to get the Framework down-pat, first!

Emily xx

Just imagine for me..
What would your life be like if you could do flawless makeup yourself, everyday?
What would being filled with confidence mean for you? 
You get excited for net-working events and hold your head high, even if you're there alone. 
You look forward to sitting down and doing your makeup, matching it with what you've planned to wear. 
You know how to change your makeup for a day-time look and spruce it up for a romantic date night. 

How amazing would it be to have all of this and save time and stress trying to learn from vague social media tutorials and save money that you were wasting on getting someone else to do your makeup every time or buying the wrong makeup for you...
Once you know how to do your own makeup, flawlessly, and you're oozing confidence - the sky's the limit!
Let me introduce you to
The Online Course for beginners
PLUS, you get these amazing bonuses, for FREE when you sign up today!
The only Online Course you need.
Including these amazing bonuses!
What's Included When You Sign Up...
Makeup Bootcamp Online Course
- Immediate access to the MUB Module's
- Access on any device
- Determine Skin Type, Undertone, Face and Eye Shape
- Flawless base makeup techniques include foundation application, contouring, setting and more
- Eyeshadow techniques include smokey eye, natural eyeshadow for work and more
- You're taught how to amend techniques for your eye shape and skin type etc. for personalisation
- Makeup products tips
- Cleaning and caring for your brushes
- Study schedule to plan out how you work through each class
Exclusive Access to the Private FB Group
- Immediate access into private, student-only, FB Group
- Boost your success by gaining on-going support from Emily
- Meet other like-minded women who also struggle with the same things you do
- LIVE videos on exclusive makeup content, not seen on Emily's social platforms 
- You can request feedback on the makeup looks you do 
- Share your 'win's' and we'll celebrate with you
- Get product advice before you buy
Physical Workbook
- Posted to your door
- Physical workbook to take notes throughout the Course
- Includes pictures and visuals 
- Includes the order you should apply your makeup

I got so excited about creating this course I went a little crazy adding in those AMAZING, FREE BONUSES for you but I don't know how long I can keep those inclusions up for...



FREE Bonus #1
15 Piece Brush Set
Don't worry about if you do not have all the right tools to get through - now you do! This will be sent out to you upon sign up which is super exciting. 
These are the exact Brushes and Sponge I use on myself and all of my clients to create flawless makeup. 
Plus, in every single step of the Makeup Module's, I of course use this Brush Set which makes it so easy for you to follow along and know exactly how to use what brush for what step.
The Brush Set comes in a cute, travel size faux leather Makeup Bag which makes it easy for you to keep your brushes all together. 

FREE Bonus #2
30-day Supply of Gold Collagen Eye Masks
An important part of your makeup sitting beautifully on the skin is how your skin has been prepped prior to the application. 
You do not have to be concerned about stocking up on the right skin care - I got you!
Along with your Brush Set, you're going to be sent this 30 DAY (yes, a whole month) Supply of Gold Collagen Eye Masks. 
These hydrate the under eyes and reduce puffiness (I keep mine in the fridge to assist with this) as well as decreasing the appearance of dark under-eye circles. 
Valued at over $180, you get this completely FREE upon Sign Up. 
FREE Bonus #3
Beauty Sponge 
Small but mighty is the best way to describe this Beauty Sponge. You're just about to find out why as you dive into the Course.
I'm going to spill the beans here and tell you that this is THE SECRET to a flawless base! I use this Pure Nava Beauty Sponge to blend in and apply all of my base makeup. Yes - liquids and powders I use this for and it gives the most beautiful finish. I show you in this Course exactly how to Prep your Sponge to use it correctly and reap its rewards as well as how to clean it so it last's and exactly how to use it with makeup. 
I couldn't not include this as another Free Bonus - it is SO important you have it and it will blow your mind, very soon. 
I have included literally EVERYTHING you could possibly need to be set up for success!
The VALUE here is INSANE and I am offering it to you for a very affordable price!
Money Back Guarantee
If you complete the full Course and believe it has not lived up to your expectations and you have not dramatically improved your makeup skillset, I will refund you the FULL amount, no questions asked!
AND, you'll get to keep all of your gifts and bonuses listed above since I would have wasted your time. 
But, don't just take my word for it. 
Listen to what my past
Students Had To Say

Carly - Beauty Therapist

Nikki - Business Owner

Danni - Nurse

Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!
  • ​25+ Makeup Module's ($1,458 Value)
  • ​Physical Workbook ($97 Value)
  • ​FB Group Access & Extra Coaching ($97 Value)
  • ​Amazing Bonus #1 Gold Eye Masks ($180 Value)
  • ​Amazing Bonus #2 Brush Set & Makeup Bag ($120 Value)
  • ​Amazing Bonus #3 Beauty Sponge ($20 Value)
Total Value: $1,972
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $199
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Here's to your success with applying your makeup flawlessly!

Emily Osberger  xx

PS - If you're sick and tired of Youtubers complicating the makeup routine, then Makeup Bootcamp Online Course is the solution you've been looking for... let's get started today!

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